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About mirrorL.A.nd

Alice is now in her 20s, just out of college, and falling down the rabbit-hole working as an assistant in the film industry. Until she lands in the wonderland of LA's underground circus.

Like the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, mirrorLAnd has 12 chapters, which will be released online in serialized installments. Each chapter release will also incorporate the works of various musicians, fashion designers and artists whose creations have influenced both the story, and the subculture from which it emerged. Hopefully, by connecting the story with the unique Los Angeles culture that has inspired it, the line between fiction and reality will blur just a little bit.... that, after all, is how it is here in mirrorLAnd.

For each chapter, explore the art beyond the story to find free music and other special features.

About the author

When Jenka Gurfinkel was little, if she complained of boredom, her mother would say, "What? You want me to hire you a circus?" Eighteen years later, Jenka became the production manager for a vaudeville circus troupe called Lucent Dossier, a leading force in the performance art subculture burgeoning in Downtown LA, and stretching up the I-5 and beyond. As the Marketing Director for The Do LaB, Jenka helped produce annual music festivals and nightlife experiences integral to this community, including Lightning in a Bottle, and Lucent L’amour. Jenka’s friends, colleagues, and clients over the years have included many of the performance acts, fashion designers, artists, and musicians whose work has come to define this scene and influence the greater popular culture.

Jenka is a digital marketing and transmedia strategist. For the past four years she has been writing non-fiction at socialcreature.com.

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MirrorLAnd is a completely fictional story based on Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. © 2011 mirrorLAnd